Initial meeting

All our projects are different but we begin each one the same way.

Initial Meeting: At the first meeting, we discuss the project outlook, budget and desired asethetic. Additionally, we discuss a timeline for the project, depending on the work that needs to be done.

Working on the proposal: Once a contract is approved, we work on the design proposal that will be based in the information we gathered during the initial meeting.

First Design Meeting: We present the "first look" of the proposal and interior architecture renovations if needed. The client will be shown options for furniture, fabrics, lighting, flooring, wall finishes, etc.

working on the proposal
Proposal approval

Proposal Approval: Once the clients approved the desing proposal they receive the prices of the project, once this is approved we start all purchaces orders.

Installation: When all items on order arrive, we coordinate and manage the install using our installer team to create a Raices-approved space that the client will love and enjoy for years to come.